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Whānau Ora Chronic Care Nurse Service

Our Whānau Ora Chronic Care Nurse will assist clients to:
  • Facilitate the assessment of people with chronic conditions
  • Empower people to initiate and maintain lifestyle changes
  • Assist at-risk patients into secondary and tertiary services
  • Assist in the management of chronic conditions

Our Whānau Ora Chronic Care Nurse will work alongside the Community Cardiologist and General Practice Teams, and collaborate with the MidCentral Health Cardiology Teams and the PHO Chronic Care Teams.

The main focus is to assist the client and their whānau(family) to self-manage, whilst facilitating functional improvement and promoting secondary prevention.


Whanau Ora Chronic Care Nurse

Karen Ututaonga

Whānau Ora Chronic Care Nurse


  Our Whānau Ora Chronic Care Nurse will:

  • Contribute to the diagnosis, treatment and management of chronic disease for clients and their families.
  • Help further prevention of chronic disease events by empowering individuals and whānau to initiate and maintain lifestyle changes with a focus on a persons holistic understanding of their condition and symptom management, including triggers of exacerbation.
  • Provide support and education for those at risk of chronic disease, with unstable chronic disease, those living with chronic disease and those recovering from interventions.
  • Provide support and follow-ups for patients who suffer with chronic disease and their whānau 
  • Provide communication and co-ordination within the PHO-based chronic care teams.


This service is FREE to all clients who meet the criteria!


To access this service please contact us, phone (06) 353 6385 or email Whānau Ora Chronic Care Nurse Karen Ututaonga.