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Problem Gambling Health Promotion Services

The Health Promotion Service Includes:

1. Promoting Healthy Public Policies in relation to gambling harm by:

  • working with local government groups on policies to reduce gambling harm
  • providing advice on gambling policies
  • Ensuring Maori involvement in the development, implementation and monitoring of gambling related policies and activities

2. Encouraging Supportive Environments to Minimise Gambling Harm by:
  • providing forums to discuss problem gambling harm
  • working with communities to reduce gambling harm in their communities
  • encouraging the public to adopt responsible gambling practices
  • meeting any identified gaps in the gambling area highlight by the local community

3. Enhancing the Capacity of Communities to Define and Address Gambling Harm by:



  • Implementing health promotion projects in relation to Maori Problem Gambling
  • Working with the community to address and manage community based health promotion problem gambling programmes

4. Assisting the development of people's life skills and resilience in relation to preventing or minimising gambling harm.


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We are here to help! To find out more about Whakapai Hauora Problem Gambling Health Promotion Services, please email Claudia Bowman - [email protected] or phone (06) 353-1884.

No cost to access services.